How TrafficVillage Works!

After signing up, you will submit all the websites you want to send traffic to. Then you can either earn free traffic by viewing others' sites or buy a traffic package from us.

Can I Earn Money?

Yes! With us you earn 0.01 for every 100 points. But you may ask how fast can you earn points? Well when you first sign up you will have 3 session slots means you can view websites with 3 different tabs, x3 the points!

Are the visits real?

All the visits sent to your website are 100% real and unique just like you! We also have Geographic targeting traffic so you can rank high in any country you desire!

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Simple & Easy

Trafficvillage is very easy to use. As you can see our system is very user friendly. We also offer over 20+ different languages!


Trafficvillage is safe and will protect all your information! We also have 100% uptime.


All the actions are fully automatic, so you can go outside or to work and leave it on and you will earn points!

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